Day 4 July 8

Praise the Lord for His awesome answer to our prayers.  No rain at all even though the forecast was for rain.  It was nice with sun and cool breezes.  Our theme for day for was praying God's will.  Our theme verse was from Isaiah 55:8.  Many of the older kids knew the verse well.  We talked about how God knows best and always looks out for our interest.  So when it seems like a long while before He anwers He may not be saying "no" but wait.  Or He may say ``yes`` immediately like yesterday`s answer for no rain  And often God says `no` because we don`t need what we ask for. For crafts the kids made prayer journals. It was great to see the wonderful response to the gospel message presentation.  Many put up their hands to re-commit while there were about 10-12 who raised their hands indicating they had prayed to receive Jesus.  They were encouraged to talk to the teachers.