Reflections from July 10

On Saturday our team made a visit to a third Roma camp to meet the people and distribute food packages.  We were given a tour of the settlement.  Then we traveled to Mischatchavo, Ukraine to visit the Carpathian regional children`s hospital.  We met Dr. Sendenka who was the medical chief of the hosptial.  He gave us a tour of the hospital and we could see that it was badly in need of much repair.  It is so sad to see the limited funds the state can offer and that in addition to his medical duties, Dr Sendenku (as chief of staff) must do fund raising to obtain funds for upgrading the hospital building and medical equipment.  The baby room is the only place that has an air condioner and the next room that will get air conditioning pending funds is operating room.  Imagine doing operations on children in 40 degree C. heat.  The building was constructed in the 1920`s and take a look at the photos:

Our next visit was to another Roma (gypsy) came on the way to the regional hospital. We met with the people, prayed for them and handed out food supplies to them.