Counting down....!

We have less than four weeks to go before departing for Ukraine.  We need lots of prayer as we head into the final weeks of preparation.  We will depart on July 23, 2009 5:30p.m. from Calgary to Frankfurt, then to Budapest.  Upon arrival at Budapest, we will meet with our House of Mercy contact: Vasya (who would have travelled six hours to pick us up)   Then we will travel 6 hours by car from Budapest, Hungary into Ukraine. Final destination: House of Mercy children center in Uzghorod, Ukraine.     On our day of departure, we will be meet at the Calgary International airport at about 3:00p.m. or so for check in.  Then at about 3:30p.m. we will be gathering at the 3rd floor Airport Chapel (above Air Canada check-in area, next to the food court) for prayer time.   Hope to see you there!   Preparation update - Camp 1:  July 27 to 31, 2009 The first week's camp will be prepared for 60 kids (orphans from House of Mercy and other underprivileged children from the area)

Our typical camp day schedule: Wake up, devotion time, team meeting and breakfast. The camp for the children starts with singing, prayer, Bible lesson, Stations for Crafts/Games/Bible Verses and lunch...follow by additional rotation of activties, group games, snacks and a wrap-up message.   At the end of week 1 camp, we plan on inviting all the parents and family members of the children to attend a camp finale (parent outreach) at the local church.  Last year, two parents accepted Jesus during the camp finale program.   Please pray for our preparation as we still have a few things to iron out. i.e. material for translation, dry-runs of the program, etc.   Praise items:

  • Praise the Lord for His proivision for all the gifts for the children and staff at House of Mercy
  • Praise the Lord for we have receive most of the camp materials
  • Praise the Lord for all the support and prayers
  • Praise the Lord for providing 3 translators for us: Vasya, Halya and Lera

Prayer items:

  • Pray for our final weeks of preparation for the Camp as well as for the finalization of details for the Camp program
  • Final logistics and resources coordination with Vasya and House of Mercy staff 
  • Pray for Vasya as he will be translating a lot of our materials into Ukrainian
  • Pray for the House of Mercy staff as they will be promoting this camp with the village children, arranging their transportation and getting ready for our arrival
  • Pray for wisdom for us to finalize the 2nd week's activities as well as the Staff retreat for the House of Mercy