Crunch Time...

We have less than three weeks to departure and we're all feeling unprepared.....which is probably where God wants us so that we'd depend on His strength and not our own.  =)  Some things to pray for:

  • Time management and productivity so that we will meet lesson planning and staff retreat presentation deadline of Sunday July 5th
  • Crystal's strength, health and energy to be renewed daily as she will be heading up the VBS at our church week of the 13th
  • Wisdom to organize and pack all our materials/supplies into 12 suit cases the evening of the 21st
  • Safe travel into Calgary for Tomson (from Edmonton) and Andrea (from Vancouver) the night of the 21st
  • Individual quiet time and prayer times to be protected
  • Vasya's health and strength to be refreshed and sustained as he will be given a lot of materials for translation in the next little while
  • Softening of childrens' and non-church parents' hearts to receive God's message of love
  • Hunger and thirst in childrens' hearts to know God more

Thank you Friends and Supporters!!