What are we doing on the 2nd week?

We haven't posted much details on the 2nd week so far, but here's a summary of the plans / schedule:

  • 2 day outreach event at the Romani settlement, we are expecting to see 250 kids!
  • Lessons/workshops throughout the day/night for HOM kids which includes: English, Devotion (Jonah), Chinese Painting, Photography for Kids, Playdoh modelling, Juggling, and Piano! We hope this will be useful and fun for the kids and also a break for the HOM staff.
  • HOM staff retreat which includes topics on First Aid, Play Therapy, Discipline, and various planning.
  • Bedside Fellowship with the HOM kids
  • Talent night to end the week off!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and also for all the translators that will be helping us!