Day 1 Arrival

Yes we have arrived at the House of Mercy last night! All of us are still trying to stay awake this afternoon and we are starting to unpack and get ready for tomorrow.

So how was our trip here? It was enduring for sure, we started from Calgary to Toronto (4hrs), 2 hrs layover, 8hrs flight from TO to Zurich, 1 hr layover, 1.5 hrs from Zurich to Budapest, 3 hrs van ride from Budapest to the border, wait 2 hrs, and then 30 min or so to HOM!

First things we are thankful for: 1) All of us and the luggage arrived safely and also for the agent that check us in Calgary (see photo #1). He hand weighted all 10 of our luggage!!

2) Weather here is not so hot this week and event a bit cold with the overcast sky! Vasya say last week was so hot it was 35c in the shadows!!!

3) The kids are awesome. I don't know how to explain it, but getting off the van and meeting the kids (new and old) feels like I've never left.

Van ride follows...

Girls and guys room...