Day 2: Sunday / Prep Day

Here's a recap of our first full day at HOM! Breakfast before Sunday service at the prayer house (church):

Arrived at the church. It was the shortest service I've had here, only 2 sermons (including Pastor Kenny's). Love, Love the choir. God truly blessed the people of Ukraine with amazing voices.

Pastor Kenny borrowed one of Vasya ties... His wedding tie :D

Van ride on our way back! Pastor Kenny and I sat on the lawn chair at the back of the van. Way fun!!

Robyn and Pastor Kenny having some fun with the kids!

After lunch we met with our translator and helpers:

We also have Susan Shaw from the state who have been helping several mission teams through Ukraine.

And also Annette from Norway.

Afterward we went outside for some fun with the kiddies:

With Robyn doing gymnastic,

and Grace and Lillian playing football with few of the kids.

Mark and Lillian

I tried to play the football.

After dinner we practice our VBS skit with the teens! Awesome (and very talented) bunch of teens!

Pastor Kenny rehearsing,

and breakdancing... ok not really... he's stretching...

Mark is Jesus and Peter

We've actually just finished Day of the VBS camp and are pretty tired but are super excited!!! Will post more soon!