As per the last post we arrived at HOM with no lost luggage or any hicups! Even in such hot weather (40c) Crystal didn't have any allergic reaction while we took the long 4 hrs(shorter than previous STM they say) van ride (Natural Air-Conditioned :). Thanks be to God! It will definitely take a long while before I can fully process all the photos but here are a few memorable (and light hearted) moments from our travel:

Thanks for the awesome send-off!


Getting ready to board from Calgary to Frankfurt:


Interesting story here with my air stewards. As he was passing out our meals he asked "Pasta or Chicken?" We were curious what is the pasta and what's in it and so we asked. He promptly replied "I don't know what it is. They don't tell us these things anymore." I couldn't stop smiling afterward...


Arriving in Frankfurt airport we got off the plane and into the bus. We waited a while and surely enough Mr.Calgary has arrived in Germany.


We took this picture of Andrea getting searched at Frankfurt because for some reason she was also picked to be searched in Calgary.


Arrived at Budapest!


We were greeted by Vasya, Vlery and his wife. Vasya drove the whole way back.


F1 was also happening in Budapest this weekend:


We stopped at a Shell station for some water as it was extremely hot! Everyone got a 1.5 L bottle except for Tomson who got a Fanta. Good choice!


Everyone was sleepy, tired, and hot...


After passing the Hungary border we waited at the bridge (there's a red line that divide the bridge between Hungary and Ukraine.

Our van waiting at the Ukraine side of the 1st border checkstop

Arrived at House Of Mercy!



There are a few more photos here:

Today we got to meet the kids and get setup, so photos of the kids and a Birthday party to come! Keep us in your prayers!