Day 3: VBS Day #1

Day 1 of the SHAKE-IT-UP-CAFE came upon with alot of excitement! Eventhough it was rainy through out the day the kids were excited to be here! Here are a few of the shots that describe the day, there are so many stories that we are learning about these kids. Sometime its hard to imagine beyond the fun and laughter they have here, they go home to something very different. Morning Registration, approx. 70+ kids from age 6-13.

Pastor Kenny hanging out the kids before we start.

Gathering area where we sing, have our stories, and skits. Today I was doing the story and wrap up. It's always a scary experience for me leading so many kids in a different language. Luckily Vasya is awesome at translating and managing the kids.

Crystal and Vasya doing the intro to the week

We bought over some new balls and equipments for Free Time!!

The extremely talented group of ladies who can cook some amazing meals in LARGE quantities. I could've dedicated an entire blog on all the food we've been having here! What you are seeing here is Ukrainian goulash.

Prayer before Lunch. The new wood covering is new this year!! Saved the day (and week) for games and free time in the rain.

ummm... I don't know how to explain this... But its action associated to our name that we taught the kids... oh dear...

Football. The only sport they truly play. I have so many photos of this game...

As the rain continues, Vasya had his cousin over to built a tarp extension. This was completed in a few hours. Amazing efficiency.

Robyn and I were leading the games. Today was about getting Ready for God. Robyn also had a 'special' encounter with this little boy with the gloves. You can ask her for the detail :D Also note that since I am mostly in the Game session with Robyn I may not have the photos from the other group with me yet (Craft/Discovery).

The older group was a lot more competitive.

Snack Time after our wrap up!

Kenny was really looking forward to the bananas.

Boys and girls love soccer. She is a really good goalie.

Here is Andrew and I, Andrew is one of our translator. Very talented dude studying English literature. I truly hope he will be able to find work doing what he love!