Day 4: VBS Day #2

Day 2 of the VBS started with an intro by Pastor Kenny. He reminded everyone how much God loved them and wanted everyone to have an awesome time in the camp. The rain hasn't seize so we stayed under the tarp and indoor most of the time.

He then asked Vasya how to say "I Love You" in Ukrainian. Unfortunately "I Love You" and "I Kill You" in Ukrainian is very... very similar. Luckily Vasya quickly made the corrections for him! Oh dear...

Lillian had a bad bite on her face. This is a "smaller" bandage compared to the night one. Please continue to pray for her bites that it don't get infected.

Pastor Kenny leading the songs and actions with the kids.

Robyn led the story and message today. Today was "Give Happily to God".

Again the HOM teen helpers was amazing at the skit!

We had a pass the water game with the kids during the game session.

Erik in the craft room. He wanted to know the chinese version of his name, I googled translated it. :D

Lunch. The helpers and the team ate quickly before the kids.

Ivan (Vasya's father) with the kids. The kids truly respect and love him. His birthday was the next day and can you believe he's younger than Pastor Kenny????

Prayer before lunch.

Pastor Kenny, Robyn and some of the kids.

They have a nice sandy volleyball court too. Robyn & Pastor Kenny will be teaching through Volleyball next week.

Afternoon started with songs. The Freedom Song!!

And then a short group game with everyone.

The drop the sheet name game!


At the end of the day we past out the craft they were making...

However MANY of them wanted to keep working on it, so they continued during free time...

They really LOVEEE the craft! Even the helpers!!

Pastor Kenny playing football with a younger version of himself.

And then snack time...

Pastor Kenny really wanted the banana.

After snacks we started saying good bye to the kids as they got on the bus for home.

As night time fall upon us our team continue to struggle with the mosquitos. From the guys room we "heard" 2 hours of battle cry as the ladies destroy every bug they could find :) But we also want to thank Valera as he bought us some mosquito repellent for our rooms.