Day 6: VBS Day #4

Day 4 of the VBS camp started with a sunny sky and we were all super excited that we can truly enjoy the outdoor! We started the day with some songs! Grace led today's theme and message "Remember Jesus!" 

... and the teens did a shadow play!

Robyn led the games today with our translator Andrew. Notice we are now OUTSIDE in the sun!!!

They carry the tray of cups in a relay and then unscramble the letters on the cup to form the theme of today!

At the end of the game each team (of this group) tries to built the tallest structure.

In the Discovery station they made banana split! 

Back to the games with the youngest group!

This little girl below also has a heart breaking story. Can you imagine being too drunk, with no care, lock the door and let your child like this little girl sleep outside the house?

Andrew and Susan helping out the kids with the unscrambling of the letters.

During lunch alot of the helpers went to the craft room to make their own shrinky-dinks!!! 

For lunch we have these familiar buns. If you are Chinese you would recognize them as "Moun Tau". Ukrainians have the exact same dish!!!!!

A quick shot of Timothy after lunch!!

Free-time / Lunch time! These kids are so flexible... 

Volleyball is semi popular with some of the kids :)

After lunch our program started with some songs.

During the More, More, More song, we chose (they raise their hands) few kids to pray in between the chorus. Even thought I may not understand what they are saying, they all felt very genuine.

Bible bite (memory verse) time starts with a few volunteers!

The last game station rotation was with the oldest group.  Today was a little bit more difficult in managing them but we made some good adjustment the next day.

Wrap up and prayers with Grace.

Instead of jumping to Free Time right away we split the group to practice for the Parent's Night. Here are the "Praise Group" practicing the songs!

Some hugs will just melt your heart away...

For the past few days Crystal notice this sad little boy who didn't ate his snacks, it was always in a bag. We speculated that the parents want them(he have other siblings...) to bring the snacks home even though he really really wants to eat it. It's heart breaking to see kids in situations like this... We opened another chocolate waffle for him so he had to eat it. He was pretty happy and chomp down quickly. 

The day ended after the kids boarded the van home. We made a quick trip to the grocery store again to pick up snacks for the parent nights. Pastor Kenny also requested his special drink. We complied. 

Before the night ended a few of us join in on a soccer game with the kids and HOM staff. I sweated out a few pounds for sure. Pastor Kenny show his true skillz, I don't think any shots made it pass him while he was in the net. Grace also duked it out with the boys on the field.