Day 2.5 - Saturday, July 25th

I've come to a conclusion that I won't be able to write and post all the interesting things happening each day but I will give you a few highlight moments. Hopefully this will force you to invite us to come and talk with each of you personally about our experience after we are back. Anyway here is Saturday for us:

We found out a chinese restaurant/take out spot just opened in town last month. We were keen to try out!  The restaurant was a chain store from Hungary. The cooks were a Chinese couple from Beijing. Yes, they are the only Chinese living in the city.



After we picked up some supplies from a "super store" we went back to HOM for a birthday celebration for 2 of the kids:



After dinner Vasya took us to a new house being built. Half of the house will be a transition home for 5 older youth, the other part will be his family's new home and a guest room/area. The front door you see below is actually to the guest room. (so the house is split into 3, majority is for the young adults).



Since the house was still under construction there were lots of unfinished areas. The stairs to the 2nd floor was very sketchy. Here is Tomson helping Lisa down:


This kinda sum up Sat. as we prepare for the week ahead...