Day 7: VBS Day #5 Final Day

Our final VBS day came so quickly as we realize we may not see some of the kids again. Today our schedule is packed as we go through the whole program in the morning and then travel to the church to prep for the Parent's evening program at 4:30PM.  Kenny is leading the message and theme today, "Celebrate God Forever".

In the game station we scrap the original game plan and made a new one with balloons! The game was a huge hit with all the kids!

In the Discovery station the kids made ice cream!!! They added so MUCHHHH chocolate syrups....

The highlight of the day was definitely the kites they made in the craft station. You can see freedom in their faces as they flew their kites. It was a little bit scary at times as we have many kites (and their strings) flying around as well as the massive power lines beside the field, but it was very much worth it.  

After lunch we started our way to the church!

At the church the kids practice their parts and they were amazing. 

One thing we learned. If you decided to fly a kite running up and down the stairs inside the chapel. Crystal will catch you. 

Kids practicing their skits.

An hour before the program starts we took the kids out for some group games.

And then we split into a few groups and had reflection time. We asked them what they like about the camp and what will they change as a result of what they've learned. We also ask what they would like us to pray for them. We have some heart breaking answers... Quite a few ask that their parents would know God and that their parents would stop fighting.

... Some asked help to be a 'Christian' on the field as they play their favourite sport, football. 

Parents started to arrive and the program started. 

They say this was one of the best turnouts. 

Andrew was also the A/V guy at church. As I found out we have many similar interest and aspirations!! I finally found someone to talk F1 to!!

Preparing the refreshment after the program.

Refreshment served! Most tables were emptied quite quickly. We refill as fast as we can.

Here's Sergei whom I met on my last trip. Him and his wife were two of our translator back then! They just recently had a new addition to their family.

As the evening starts to end, we quickly snap as many photos we can with the kids!

... then they started to board the van...

... Not sure what is happening...

As we waited for the last van to come pick up the remaining family the rain started to pour again.

On our way back, one individual on our team was craving for cola... Vasya was happy to pick up one. The LIGHT one :D

We couldn't believe the VBS flew by so fast, all of us may be a bit tired but we are already missing the kids. We realize there's so much potentials in children, whether they are from Canada or Ukraine, they can be taught to love and respect God in ways we adults sometime underestimate. In a lot of ways this week help renew our passion for children ministry whether it is at our own church or abroad.

Now that Week 1 is done we are getting ready for Week 2, today (Sat.) we visited the hospital and the Roma settlement we will be doing our camp at. It was challenging for sure, hard to believe, hard to accept, and our hearts goes out to many specific needs in that place. I will post more soon!