Day 8 Part 2: Roma settlement

Saturday afternoon we left for the Roma settlement to survey the area and see the people. As we arrived we quickly realize we need to make some adjustment to our initial plan. The main "court yard" area is quite small and muddy, Vasya thought it would be a good idea to get some gravel and paved over it before Tuesday, and so we will be funding that. As Vasya took us around the small inner city settlement we learned more about the condition of this place...

The kids are super friendly here!

... At the back of the settlement is this giant pile of garbage with a stream of green water coming out of it, running into homes and everywhere else. This pile of garbage consist of giant dead rats, cat, dog, etc. It is absolutely dangerous. And yet children would run through it, splashing it as they pleased. 

They also told us that at night giant rats (size of cats) would come out and bite their children, and that's another reason why there are so many dogs and cats in this settlement. 

The girls hang close to Grace as she have a phobia of dogs from past experience. 

HOM has been supporting this settlement for a while already, they've took out alot of the garbage, given them materials for roofing and various materials for their home. But there's still a huge need here as the children are adorable and full of potentials.

Please pray for Tuesday and Wednesday that God will provide good weather for us to have our program and bring joy and meals to these children.