Let the meetings begin...

The team's intensive planning sessions have begun and we are excited to be heading back to Ukraine this year. Along with VBS and Roma day camps we are looking forward to evolving our discipleship / leadership trainings for the youths. Here are some updates and prayer requests:

  1. Our flight tickets are booked! We will be leaving on the afternoon of July 17th and will be returning on Aug. 3rd. Thank God for providing an efficient and cost-effective itinerary!!
  2. Look for our Supplies Board in the chapel foyer starting on May 10th!! Be part of a child's camp experience by purchasing one of the many supplies we need!! 
  3. Our team will be sharing in the Joint Cantonese / Mandarin service this coming Sunday (May 3rd.)!! Pray for words of wisdom and prayer support from the congregations.
  4. Continue to pray for the planning and direction of this STM. We want to make the most of our times in Ukraine, not just with programs but in relationships. Pray that God will give us discernment in using His time wisely.