Materials Board Update

Thank you so much guys!

We've received dozens of donations and pledges over the past few weeks for the materials we will need to run G-Force with the House of Mercy. Thank you!

We are currently taking stock of what has been received, but we are well aware that a majority of our material needs have still not yet been met.

Accordingly, we will be extending our original deadline (June 14) to a new one, JUNE 30.

Finally, we also want to extend our gratitude to the families and individuals who have picked up a prayer card and "adopted" a House of Mercy family, child, or community group to pray for.

In the coming days there will be many spiritual battles waged, and praying will be the most important thing we can do to prepare for them. God will not let down the people who have been praying for us and for the House of Mercy. Please continue to pray for us.