TELL! (Huh?)

"Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations."

Matthew 28:19a, CEB

Our final day of G- Force homes in on the great commission. This is Jesus's final command before he ascended into heaven: to TELL others about him.

This final lesson recounts how after Jesus's crucifixion and death, three woman went to Jesus's tomb to pay respects to his body. There, they found the tomb empty, with nothing but bandages left, and two angels TELLING the women that Jesus had risen. So surprised were they that they ran back to the disciples and TOLD them all that had happened. On hearing about this, Peter ran back to the tomb, but by then the angels had left. All that remained were the bandages, which Peter marvelled at.

Wait, wasn't it supposed to be "share?"

G-Force veterans must be rather confused at this point, as the last day of G-Force was supposed to be SHARE. But there is a simple reason for this change; the Ukrainian word for SHARE, ділитися ("dilytysya"), only works with stuff. In Ukrainian, you can share stuff, but you can't share ideas. However, you can TELL ideas in Ukrainian.