Pining for the Fijords

By now, some of you may have noticed five unknown pretty ladies scattered among the photos and videos  of the Ukraine 2015 short term mission.

These are the Norwegian team ladies that arrived at the House of Mercy at the same time as we did. They worked with us through the week to host G-Force, lead the kids, and experience the great mission that God sent us all on. We'd like to give a shout-out to them, for everything they brought to the table.

What, you mean they brought more than food to the table? Oh yeah, that too. Throw it in. d_(^w^)_b

From left to right, and apologies in advance for misspelled names: Anastasia (in red), Ida, Hannah , Hannah (Yes, Crystal is surrounded by Hannah's), Catherine (in English; or Katrina in Norwegian/Ukrainian)