Off Tangent - House of Mercy Additional Ministries

As you are aware, the House of Mercy runs the House of Mercy orphanage as a main ministry.

In addition to the orphanage, though, in past years the House of Mercy has also started and maintained several other ministries, the scope of which can now be considered as additional primary ministries, instead of merely side projects.

I mention them here, as any missions and supports cooperating with House of Mercy should be aware of them, and understand how the House of Mercy is taking a multifaceted stance towards working for good in the community.

We took a guided hike out to the Mercy Farm and Mercy Camp, foremost of these new primary ministries.

A Norwegian businessman donated farmland to the House of Mercy. He dreamed that the land would sustain not only crops but good wages for local workers. His dream forms the central tenants around the operations and initiatives that make up Mercy Farm.


In it's current incarnation, the Mercy Farm can sustain year-round harvests including during wintertime, and can not only bring produce directly to the market, but also process, distribute, cook and serve what is harvested. As a result, the Farm serves not only as a genuine business, but at any time can operate as a charitable soup kitchen, or a center for immediate relief in crises.

Next door to the Mercy Farm is the Mercy Camp, with barely a five-minute jog between the two. This new facility was created thanks to two Norwegian Churches; SCCEFC made a modest contribution in the form of the fence which is being erected around the camp.

Mercy Camp is designed to accommodate eighty children, and is already ready for use, with an already full wait-list of groups looking to use it, and a planned rotation of Christian kid's camps during the summer time, and older groups of users throughout the rest of the year. At this point, construction is only pending on expansions and additional facilities beyond the bare basics - such as a cafeteria, according to our guide. 

There are no plans currently to build a kitchen though. Meals from the Farm can be brought directly to the camp thanks to proximity, so such a fixture was considered unnecessary. Other facilities ready for use include a volleyball court, a European football (soccer) field, and bathrooms and toiletries. Everything is currently solar powered, with additional heating and energy coming from economical wood furnaces.

In addition to meeting a very dire need for Christian camps in the Uzhhorod region, Mercy Camp also gives the Roma people a retreat center and campground to host summer camps and community events. Virtually no other campground, hotel, resort, or hostel offers their services to the Roma, so Mercy Camp can be considered unique in it's kind within this specific region.