Off Tangent - With Love from Doneskt

Our final day also saw the Doneskt kids who came to G-Force return to the House of Mercy for a final day of free play with us.

Doneskt is both a major province (an Oblast, in Ukrainian)in Eastern Ukraine, and also a major city and community region. When the current conflict with Russia and Ukraine began, Doneskt became a battleground, and saw witness to much destruction. These kids are internally displaced refugees from that region.

Of the eighty children who came to our camp, the Doneskt kids make up about twenty or so of them. They fit into G-Force at the House of Mercy without issue.

The Doneskt kids are currently living here in Uzhhorod, as their orphanage have been destroyed by the fighting. Few of their adults are employed, and it is both too dangerous and too expensive to return to Doneskt while the war rages on.

Thanks to the graces of God, it's impossible to tell this just by looking at the photos and memories of the kids in this trip. In a way, in addition to educating the children about God, G-Force is also giving the kids - the orphans, the roma, the refugees, the impoverished, and any other children from Uzhhorod -  a safe space for a short period. In this safe space, they can put aside their hardships and troubles, and just for four days, be the children that God would have them be.