Packed, Praying, and Thanksgiving


It has a been a packed few weeks as we finish our plannings and preparations. Last Wednesday we had a fantastic show of support as brothers and sisters of our church came to help us prep materials and packed up most of our supplies into four suitcases and one box. Our church is not just sending four people to Ukraine, but we, as a church, are all in on the mission field. While some of us may have never set foot in HOM, they have actively participated in the support and work of this mission ministry. We could not have sustained this relationship with HOM without our community's support. Thank you SCCEFC! 

Today our last box of supply arrived just in time. We had been praying for this delivery to happen as we are leaving tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers!! 

Tomorrow (July 17th) we will be at the YYC airport chapel for prayers at 10:30 AM. Come and join us in prayers as we step into the mission field together!