Day 4: Teens sessions continue and the Asian Canadian dinner


The day continued with the teen's workshop. We spend much of the time figuring out each station as well as purchasing last minute supplies and ingredients for the evening's Canadian Asian dinner.  


We started our cooking at around 4PM, and I think they thought we might not make it! In previous years, we had begun to prep the night before!!! Our Canadian Asian dinner night is meant to help give the cooks an evening off as we "attempt" to cook a decent Asian meal for our Ukrainian family to try! This year we had baked salt and pepper chicken, miso soup, and lettuce wrap! Our dessert was made by one of the teachers in the centre!

Our miso soups.

Our miso soups.

Milka's artisan cakes!

Milka's artisan cakes!


At the end of the dinner, children presented to the staff of the centre wreaths filled with shrinky-dinks filled with thanksgiving messages that they made while the staffs was on their date night. You can sense their heart-felt thanks in each of their speeches. 


After the dinner, there were volleyball matches, football games, and much love shared amount everyone. Their lives truly examplifed a community living out their faith and their joy together.