Day 10: Last day of camp!


Last day of camp!

We can't believe the week has passed so quickly! We thank God for how our teen leaders led the children throughout the week, and also for the stories of how some of the children were able to accept the good news of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we wonder if their experience here at the camp is only temporary, but I was encouraged by young adults who were kids in our previous camps as they recalled joyful memories that had an impact in their lives. It's impossible for me to know the effectiveness our camps and workshops, but I do know that we are called to be faithful in planting the seeds and trusting God to transform their lives and their situations. 


Every morning, all the children are provided a breakfast as many do not have such meals at home. While the breakfast sandwiches are being distributed, there are usually dozens or more bees flying around it. The teen leaders just waves them off and the children continues to fight through the buzzing bees for their food. 

Craft station: Cross craft...

Craft station: Cross craft...

... and a card to send to a parent or friend about what they've learned at the camp.

... and a card to send to a parent or friend about what they've learned at the camp.


The final epic event: Raft ride (with leaders pushing them)! 


As the camp ended, the kids says good-bye to all their teen leaders. We prayed all the relationships build throughout this week will continue to grow. 


As we cleaned up the camp site, Captain Mark and Romper sailed down the river into the sunset. 


A short nap before dinner ... and then volleyball.


For our last dinner at the camp site, Valera made his famous bogush soup. This soup is unmatched anywhere on the planet; it's epic in taste, ingredients, and texture! 


Today we also celebrate Ivan's birthday! He's a model of endurance and faithfulness for many generations after him.


Our awesome teen leaders! Bold and courageous! We pray they will continue to grow in the Lord.


After we moved back to the HOM centre, Daniel highlighted the lunar ellipse that was happening. "It only happened 120 years, and mainly in this part of the hemisphere...." He repeated it 5-10 times; he was that excited.