Day 3 - Sunday, July 26th

Sunday we attended service at the Prayer house. The 2 hr service may seem long but it's quite amazing as we worship God in another language and culture. The 16 people choir (adults to seniors) sounds like something I would hear at a concert... it is truly amazing. IMG_2847


Tomson also share God's word with the congregation there. He was 1 of 3 speaker that day. (sorry caught you when your eyes was closed....)


In the evening we went to a house in the country side to celebrate Vasya's dad, Ivan's birthday with their family:


The view is truly amazing... I have no words, not even pictures can describe how awesome the view is. Ivan and Tomson also had a discussion about how no one can deny the existence and beauty of God through His creations.

Ukraine Countryside

Ukraine Countryside

We had an authentic Ukrainian BBQ and there was a competition between their marinated meat vs Tomson's Canadian smoke spice meat.



They BBQ differently than us; where we make more fire to "burn" the food, they use the charcoal and heated wood to slowly smoke/cook the meat... everytime they see fire, they pour water over it ... They treat the food with more care and respect... For the record, the photo above of Tomson and the fire is not him BBQing the meat. He is burning the wood to get them hot enough for the Ukrainian style BBQ!


And this is Yana, one of Tiffany's new best friend :)


... And what would a trip to the country side be without a stampede... I mean cows passing by...


This finished our Sunday up as we head back and did final preparation of the week. As I write this we had just finish Day 1 of the VBS. What an awesome experience... More to tell in another post.