Day 9: Sunday / Rest day / Sick day

Today was Sunday and we had our last sunday service here at the church. Unfortunately I started to fall ill (Cold/Stomach issues/fever/chills...). I was shivering for the first 2 sermon but felt better on the 3rd one (Yes they have 3 sermons). Please pray that God will sustain me as we move to week 2 of the discipleship / skills camp as well as the Roma camp that will be happening on Tuesday + Wednesday. Today was definitely a nice easy day for our team. Our team rested and some spend some more time with the kids. Also pray for Erik as he is in similar situation as me. And also for Pastor Kenny as his back is aching, pray that it will get better!

Tomorrow we will spend the morning practicing with the older kids for 2 skits at the Roma camp and then in the afternoon we will start our week 2 camp.

Thanks again for all of your prayers again! We know God is sustain us through your petitions!!