Day 11 Part 1: Roma day camp day 1

Tuesday morning we quickly ate our breakfast and headed off to the inner city Roma settlement. As we reached the settlement we were welcomed by many children.

As we found out alot of the youth had left for a camp that weekend so we did not have as many kids as we thought.

Robyn introduced the team and we started off the day with some songs.

And then Pastor Kenny gave the message based on the Jesus and the Samaritan woman.

We also brought along some of the translators and helpers for the skit...

After the message the kids were getting restless so we tested out our games! We first tried to teach them "Follow the leaders"...

Unfortunately people keep telling others who's the leader...

So we went with the try-and-true "Pass the balloon" game!

The game was pretty successful until we had too many balloons in the mix and balloons were popped at random moments :)

After the games we started taking photos of them for their "God's Kingdom Photo Card". We want to them know that God do love them and they do have an identity in God's Kingdom.

... even adults wants to have their photos taken...

Since our games ended early and we were waiting for the food to arrive the younger one played London bridge for a while with Susan and Grace.

But we notice how much they love singing and music so we got them together again to sing some songs...

They also taught as a cool new songs about Noah's ark!!!

Pastor Kenny ended off the day with a prayer as we prepare to pass out their lunch!

After we passed out all the foods to everyone we headed back to HOM for the Discipleship camp. During the program Vasya met with all the adults and gather a list of needs from the people. From building needs to medications, the list was massive. We realize there was much more work that needs to be done and a 2 day program is only scratching the surface. What we leave behind we may never truly realize until we meet the Lord but we know together with other brothers and sister around the world we can help change their conditions and reflect God's love and grace to them.