Day 14: Final day of Camp

And so here we are, on the final day of camp. It's hard to imagine 2 weeks has passed by so fast, as we started our last day of camp we sang through our songs one last time!

We review all the themes of the Peacemaker program!

And had the kids come up with a skit base on a random scenario...

The last skit was an interesting skit about 2 girls fighting over a boy :)

Yes the 2 girls are the youngest kids in our camp which made this skit even more humorous :)

Pastor Kenny working on a special banner :)

After the review we went outside for one last big game! DRIP DRIP DROP!!!

As the name of the game suggest, everyone gets wet.

By the time the game ended everyone was soaking wet! But what a beautiful day to play a water game!!

In the storybook station the kids present their book in the class, they had to practice this for the big presentation during lunch!

During lunch each of the skills group presented something. For the cooking class, they made lunch! Salad, stew, fries and cookies!!!

The fries took abit longer to baked and the crowd get restless!!! :D

Crystal and Grace introduce their cooking class and presented the food to everyone!


The fries was extremely popular!!!

The cooks also enjoyed the meal!

Fries refill!!!!

During lunch the storybook group presented their books and everyone had a chance to vote for their favourite. We announced the winner the next day during the Talent show!!


The sport group presented some Kung Fu!! Everyone wanted to learn that!!

We took a bit of break after the lunch and then back to the kitchen as we prepare our Canadian Dinner Night!!! I was in charge of the spaghetti... unfortunately I wasn't very good at that and wreck half the batch of spaghetti we had... Yup I knew it was going to be a long afternoon for me...

However the rest of the team fared much better!!

The chicken was on its way!

And Lillian wrap the salad rolls!

Noodles being seasoned...

... Then diaster struck... Yes that is an oven... Yes it has no door/cover on its oven... Yes we completely shattered the front glass of the oven all over the kitchen floor... Epic.

We quickly cleaned the mess up and got the tables and food ready!!

Everything was all set!!!

Thanks to our Head Chef Grace!

Everyone was super excited!!!

And then we tried our own medicine...

Grace also brought out some chilli soy sauce for everyone to try!!

Tonight was also Susan's last day here, so everyone say their farewell as she unite with another team heading back home.

Pastor Kenny thank everyone for an amazing 2 weeks. We are one family eventhough we are thousands of miles apart...

As we watched Susan say her good bye to the kids (she left at 6AM the next morning) our team also realize we will be experiencing this same emotion very soon... O how we hate good byes...

After we cleaned up the kitchen and the dishes, our team had to figure out what we were going to do for the talent show too... We made the best of our remaining energy (none left lol) and abilities and came up with...