Stuck in Frankfurt

Our day began with a delayed flight out of Budapest to Frankfurt by about an hr + half. As we arrive in Frankfurt we are told the delay was because of a thunderstorm, but after we landed we realize we cannot make the connection to our flight to Calgary. After several runaround by different agent we found the ticket area for Lufthansa with hundreds of people waiting... We took our number... #538... The number at 2PM was around 413 or so.... During the 6 hrs of waiting we were intrigued by the number of people needing reconnections and then we heard rumor that its because there was a strike going on at the airport... But at long last at around 8PM our number was called and we got our flight rebooked the next morning at 9:25AM (arriving at 11:25AM/Tuesday).  

Our team is now residing at a hotel 15 min away from the airport, we are going to rest up and get to the airport bright and early at 7:45 or so just in case there is a strike... Please pray that we will make it back home tomorrow!!!