Day 5 - Tuesday, July 28th

As day 2 of the camp rolled around kids are starting to get used to the schedule and sequence of events. Here are some highlights from the camp: On Day 2 we started journaling with the kids. The younger ones draws, while the older ones write out their thoughts.



The bible story of the day was Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego... Here they are being thrown into the fiery furnace!


Here is the memory verse station with the 9-11 kids:



The younger children loved the bible game of the day!



At the end of the day there was a birthday celebration/surprise for one of the HOM teacher!


And that wraps up some of tuesday's event!

Please continue to pray for the weather as it is getting pretty hot outside (and at night). We have seen God move in clouds and breeze today also which was great! Also tomorrow (Day 4 camp) we will have an altar call and we are praying that God will work in these children's heart!