Day 2: Worship and final Pre-Camp preparations!!

Sunday started off early with us leaving the hostel at 8:45AM for breakfast at the HOM centre. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast which includes Daniel's (and Robyn's) favourite ham & cheese sandwich:

After breakfast, everyone was ready to head to church for worship.

I always look forward to sunday service here, the experience is hard to describe, even though we have our language barrier, all of us  treasure the time to worship with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Did I mention their choirs (youth and adult) are awesome (see past posts)??

As we got on the van to return to HOM after service, we notice we were missing a few people... It seem they didn't hear us leaving lol...

The guys in the backseat really enjoyed their ride together. But Ernest is now forever know as "Jackie Chong/Chan".

We arrived back at HOM for lunch!

We also met the Norwegian lady who lead the support effort of HOM from Norway. It's wonderful to finally meet the lady that led the support of some many people here in Ukraine!

After lunch we were going to get started with setup, but we couldn't help but play with the kids. Soccer!

Soccer is not just a game, but an invaluable opportunity to get to know the kids!!

After soccer everyone sat down for some snacks.

Friends are quickly made!!!

After the game, we had a meeting with the HOM VBS helpers! These are the HOM kids who are 14+!! Awesome helpers!!

Afterward we spend some time teaching the kids the songs we will be singing throughout the HOM VBS camp!

At the same time, the ROMA camp briefed the translators about their week ahead!!

The teams then converge to do final setup and packing!

Dinner was cabbage rolls!!! It seem to be a tradition to have Cabbage rolls on a Sunday here. I ate like 6.... and I don't like vegetables... it's that good!!!

After dinner, our teams gathered to prayer for both teams as from tonite on we won't be staying at the same place for the rest of the trip. As the ROMA team went back to the hostel, the HOM team settle downed at the guest house here at the centre. We spend the rest of night running through tomorrow's day as well as our devotion!

Tomorrow will be the first day of camp!! We (both teams) are super excited but we realize we need a lot of your prayers as we know many new challenges will pop up and we know God will continue to show us how He is the one at work and we are just along for the ride. I am looking forward to tomorrow, to see how amazing He is going to be for the children of Ukraine!

As I will be staying with the HOM team, Stephen will be updating us on the ROMA team's progress!! GO ROMA CAMP!!!!!