Roma Camp 1st Day

After our breakfast at HOM, we brought all our material over to the Roma camp site and set up. Praise the Lord! This is a last minute arrangement due to a schedule conflict with another booking; but the facility and location are wonderful.

20 Roma showed up on time @ around 12:30 - 11 boys and 9 girls. We had our lunch after a quick registration and orientation, and then jumped right into the program: Bible Lesson Game Time Craft Time Hygiene Lessons The night was wrapped up by a lesson re-cap in small groups, singing, and night snack!

All of the children are very excited as it is the first time to most of them enrolling in a summer camp.

As most of the children are new to this environment, there are some challenges  Roma team would like to ask for your prayer: May we have the Holy Spirit guidance with the strength and the patience to show their Children's Christ love without the hindrance of discipline issues. May the Lord provide all 9 of us (5 STM & 4 translators) with the necessary physical strength to fill this camp with joy. May the Lord continue to guide and unite us all through the rest of the Camp. Thank you!

(Sorry on the brief update due to computer difficulty. Hopefully it can be worked out tomorrow!)