Roma Camp 2nd Day

Day two program started out wonderful singing with all the children. They really enjoyed the music and loved the actions. The topic of that day was on True Peace with story on Jesus calming the storm. A short hiking distance from the camp was a lovely area where we always had our craft and wrap up sessions.

During the Game session, we had the perfect game for this hot summer day (~30 deg C) - Water War. It was amazing how wet they could get even with just a small plastic cup. Extreme fun time could be found in a small cup.

As always, they enjoyed the craft session a lot.

Close by us was a nice nature area, we hiked up to the forest area and had our group photo. Guess what some of the children found? Wild mushrooms. Too bad we cannot cook them, otherwise we would borrow the recipe from HOM.

What's better than having a beautiful sunny day and do craft and colouring outdoor. They loved making beats, including all the boys!