Day 5: An extremely hot wednesday at the VBS camp.

Hot weather is definitely here today! Probably the hottest I've ever experience especially when we were all in our meeting hall!! I've never sweated so much ever!! Today our theme was "No Matter what people do ... Trust God!"

Eric was leading the bible lesson today.

For the games station we spend a little bit of time in the field for a version of a tag game!

During free time a lot of kids (and us) hung out under neath the tarp to avoid the sun!

We also found out Daniel can jump super high!!!


At the start of the afternoon we had some games and singing in the meeting hall. Our shirt was absolutely drenched!! The fan had bearly any effects!! But the kids still loved the games we played!

All the leaders ignored the heat during singing! Their energy for the kids never diminished!!!

Because of the scorching heat we did some big group games with water!!

Younger kids got to hang out underneath the tarp for another game!

While the older one played Pig, Squeak, and Wilbur.... with water.

After the camp was over, we head back to the "lake" from yesterday! This time nearly our whole team plus a few more kids went!!

The opposite side of the lake is the cliff jump. It was a very difficult swim for me to the other side...

When we got back to HOM, we were treated to a really tasty meal!! (Below is a chicken dish!!!)

Everyone was super excited for it!!

Did we mention today is also Оля's Birthday!!!!

After dinner we had an all out soccer match (meaning with proper foot gears for those who have one). As we played a massive thunderstorm rolled in...

When the thunderstorm hit, it took out our temporary tarp over the pavement!! (We have vids). We tried to savage what we can but the downpour was incredible. However God use this chain of event to allow our Norwegian friend Solevig to hang out with us who in turns solved a few of our lesson plan changes for the next day!! We had prayed before the dinner for the problems we were facing and God delivered that every night. Awesome!!!! But please do continue to pray for us as tomorrow there's a quite a few big lesson plan changes as well as the thunderstorm that is forecast for tomorrow!!!!