Roma Camp 3rd Day

Wow! Praise the Lord. The camp was on the 3rd day with a packed tight fun loving God program schedule. Our program was True Riches on how Jesus fed over 5000 people with just 2x fishes and 5x breads.

After our singing and program lessons, we walked up to our usual outdoor spot and had a great time doing the craft.

Jeff was paying close attention on making this beautiful nature craft too!

We broke into small groups for lesson wrap up.

The lunch was great as always. Team was joking that we might gain weight after this camp.

The plan for the afternoon was to swim in the river, obviously the children loved the idea; they had been asking for it since Day 1.

It was not long until they all jumped into the river too.

Anna and Bin, smile!

At night, we had a Passion Skit planned with Altar Call following after. The cloud and thunder storm were moving in but we still proceeded ahead.

(Stage Setup and Rehearsal)


The thunder storm did show up and it was raining really hard right before and right after our program. During the Passion Skit, God set up a perfect stage of thunder and lightning. It was amazing. We all headed back to the camp safety without getting much wet.

An unplanned drama entertainment: Nature vs iPhone.

Sasha (in blue T-skirt), one of our four wonderful translators / leaders, had been fasting with only water for four straight days, we all agreed that was something we can learn from.