Day 6: Everyone agreed it was an awesome day at VBS camp!

The morning started with a sad note as the Norwegian couple departed from HOM after breakfast.

We can already imagine how hard our farewells will be...

Today's theme is "No matter what happens... Trust God!" It's about Jesus and the resurrection!!

Courtney led the lesson for the day!!

Which include an activity on a cross!

In the science station they made a butterfly! Pretty cool!!

There was also some emotional sharing as well as memory verse in that station!

In the craft station they changed their lesson plan last night to better accommodate the kids here! Thanks to Solevig!

In the game station, the kids played a game about overcoming obstacles while blindfolded!!!

Colin revealled his true identity...

Eventhough today was sprinkling, the kids still had a blast outside!

At the beginning of the afternoon we played a game of telephone charade...

.... teen helpers included...

... and then it was our turn... lol.

We sang a lot of song today! We got little Vasya to help lead everyone in the song!!! SOOO cute...

As well as other teens!!

The kids had a great time singing!

At the end of the day, instead of having free time we split the group to practice for tomorrow's presentation at the church!!! A small group for skit, and the big group for songs!

Before the kids left the camp we had watermelon and awesome cookies for snack!!!

... and a watermelon eating contest ensure...