Prayer Requests!!

As we are nearing the end of the first week camp, we have some thanksgivings as well as prayer requests!

So, thus far, here is what we are all very thankful for:
  • God providing us with this opportunity to reach a large group of people in a meaningful way, entrusting us with the Gospel message
  • God guiding us safely to Ukraine
  • Fellowship with, and great hospitality of, brothers and sisters at the HOM
  • God encouraging and challenging us through the Bible (specifically¬†Philippians)
  • The 77 children who were able to attend the first day of the HOM camp and 67 on the second day
  • The support the team has received from brothers and sisters back home
  • The growth many of the teens have experienced over the past several years
  • That many of us have been able to witness the transformations God has been doing in many of them
  • The team member with heat exhaustion is recovering well!
Right now here are some things we'd like you to join us in prayer about:
  • Pray for the Spirit to constantly be speaking through us (during lessons, games, crafts, science experiments, free time, meals, etc.) and that we would be constantly abiding in Him so that the camp is fruitful and effective in glorifying God and bringing people into loving relationships with Him
  • Pray that kids would be blessed with a lasting hope from their exposure to God and His people
  • Pray that God would communicate through the language barrier to the kids to let them know that they are dearly loved by Him and all of us
  • Pray for wisdom to know how to invest our time - the amount of work that goes into executing the camp can be overwhelming at times and we don't want to miss out on opportunities God gives us because we're too focused on less important things
  • For tomorrow's presentation to the parents! That God will speak through the children as well as Courtney's sharing! Also 1 part of the presentation is currently being modified last min. due to buggy VBS softwares :(.