Roma Camp 4th Day

Fourth day had arrived so quickly, we had already starting to miss them as they would all be going back home the next day. The fourth and last bible story of the program was True Love with Jesus being our Good Shepherd. The children were great and wonderfully behaved, and most of them were eager to participate in the skit too.

They were getting to be so good with the songs and we invited some of them to join us leading.

Skit was about how shepherd protected his sheep in the sheep pen.

After the bible lesson, we had craft time on making a pillow case to take home.

In between, we fitted in a "Mission Impossible". The goal was a competition between boys' and girls' rooms; whoever chose to accept the mission would clean up their rooms as a team and the cleanest floor (boys vs. girls) would win a prize.

Not only their rooms, they cleaned up the hallway and staircases too.

At lunch, we had a arm wrestling match for after meal entertainment!

In the afternoon, the group relaxed to enjoy the Jesus film in Hungarian or Russian (the languages Roma children more fluent in).

Workshop topic was on sex education.

At night, we were divided into small groups for bedside fellowship. The whole team treasured this moment as this was the time to get to know each children up close and personal. It also allowed them to open and share their stories. We prayed and spread the Gospel message with them. IT was a wonderful moment with Christ between us to show these children His love.