Day 8: Around town and the Hospital

Saturday morning started with us visiting the city center! But first for Pastor Kenny, to let you know I've delivered your gift to your Ukrainian God-son, Andrew!! Proud MSC fan, just in time for Hungarian GP this weekend! (For those of you who follow F1!)

... The river which the city is named after.

After lunch we headed out of town to the children hospital.

... most of us slept the whole way through...

At the hospital we visited the abandoned baby ward.... Precious children that we know we may never see again, but we pray over each of them, that they will one day cross path with our Lord Jesus Christ.

It was very difficult to leave that room...

The doctor we visited proudly showed us a brand new donated equipment!!

After we left the hospital, we made a quick visit to the castle!

Today was a easier day as we end off the day with a big group meeting to get started on next week. We wanted to spend Sunday resting and playing with the kids as much as we can!!