Prayer Please!

As expected of mission trips, the unexpected happens. We were scoping out two of the Roma settlements we will be presenting a gospel outreach to. Initially we had planned some singing, a sharing, craft and lunch. However after meeting with the Roma pastor, they are requesting snack after singing, more English songs than we had planned and games (for 200+ children??). We will have to do a double interpretation as well (English to Ukrainian to Hungarian)...they are Hungarian Roma people. Our outreach will also be taking place outdoors...under the sun. Please pray:

  • For cool weather. The forecast is for 32+C on Tuesday and Wednesday. We don't want it to rain as it will be very muddy....but we definitely need it overcast and cool for the team and the children's sake. Top prayer item!
  • For logistics planning of the games to go do you plan games for 200+ children in a small area??
  • For energy and health of the team...the heat has been sapping us. Calvin continues to have GI issues. Andrea seems to be allergic to the mosquitoe bites here and is reacting badly to them. Lisa is experiencing pain in her wrists. And we have a variety of allergy issues.
  • For Vasya's health...he's also been having stomach troubles and has not been well the last two days.

Thank you prayer warriors!