Day 9: Day of Rest

Today is Sunday and as a team we decided to free up any meetings and rest (play) for the day. The morning started off with worship in which Colin shared with the congregations there! We also sang "I'll Fly Away" with the kids as a presentation! This will be our last Sunday here, so we treasure our time worshipping with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters!

Today is also Ernest's 24th Birthday!!! Nadia (Vasya's mom) made a cake for him!!! For the rest of the day Ernest was showered with gifts from the kids at HOM!!

We all were super excited for the cake!!! And also for Ernest's birthday!!!

In the afternoon we spend time hanging out with the kids!!

Оля made Ernest a bracelet!! Knitted in one day!!! Actually she knitted more than one!! Very talented!!

During the afternoon the boys decided to go fishing and Daniel decided to join them. The bike trip to the fishing hole proved a bit too treacherous as Daniel fell and made a huge gash on his shin. After we patch him up, we decided he need to go to the hospital to get it look at (stitches) as it was really deep. Ivan (Vasya's father), Mark, and Colin went with him. Daniel shared it was one of the scariest moment in his life as nobody (i.e.: no translator!) was allowed to be with him in the room. But the doctor took good care of him and he was back at HOM within the hour! He is going to head back to the hospital early tomorrow morning for a quick check up!

For the rest of the evening we freely hung out with the kids and it was an absolutely blast! Eventhough its 33c today it was an awesome day for all of us!!