Roma Camp 5th and Final Day

Four wonderful days had passed by so quickly that it felt we just arrived the day before. Fifth day was finally here and it was time for us to say goodbye; but before it happened, we had a great graduation planned for the whole team.

Last breakfast of the Roma Camp.

Before our graduation began, we practiced one last time on all our favourite songs: Our God, Jesus In The Boat, We Can Trust Him, Christ Arose and Someone Around You. The children loved these songs and actions, we invited some of them to lead us on the last day.

Each one of us also had a "Spa" time to clean up: boys gelled their hair and girls dressed up and put on makeup.

When it was time, we all walked up to our "activity hut". First singing session...

Our opening ...

We had four awards: "Most Excellent" and "Most Responsible" each with boys and girls.

At the end, we handed out the graduation certificates to each one of them.

Surprise, stamps had been collected throughout the camp each day based on their behaviour. These stamps were used to exchange for prizes at the very end. Obviously, the more well behaved and improved a child was, the more stamps he/she would collect to exchange for prizes.

It was sad to say goodbye, but may this camp bring them closer to the Christ. HOLD ONTO JESUS!