Day 13: dinner out!

Today was the 2nd last day of the camp! The kids was treated to a security footage of Capt. Hero and Crystal escaping! We will find out how the story ends tomorrow! The kids was so convinced that they wrote notes to Dr. EvilMcEvilstein!![youtube width="600" height="450"][/youtube] In the teens class Jeff led on the topic of stewardship!


For dinner the kids all dressed up as we all went out to a pizzeria!! We had a great time with them all!! After dinner the team got grocery and started prepping for tomorrow night's Chinese dinner!! 20120803-003427.jpg




Some items to pray for us! A few of us have this bad cough that's passing around! I'm still recovering today. We really need prayers for energies to finish strong!!

We have gotten pretty close to the kids so leaving on Saturday will be tough!