Day 10 Recap

After playing with my HD for many hours I was able to recover most of my files and was able to process my photos from Day 10 on! Day 10 was the start of week 2 which includes our 2 (teens/children) discipleship camp and also the skills camp (Soccer/Drama/Flight)!!! We introduce the kids to our main characters for the week! Dr.Evil-McEvilstein and Captain Hero!!!

The teen's discipleship class starts! This week we will be going through different parts of David's life.

The children discipleship class:

We also got a chance to play some big group games during the day!

Dr.Evil made an appearance during the game, he took a bit of beating as he was chased away!

In the afternoon the skills workshop started! In Flight class they build a simple balsa wood planes to fly and learned about the basic of flight!