Day 11 Recap

In week 2, every morning we started off with singing and the continuation sega of Capt.Hero and Dr.Evil-McEvilstein.

we had a very exciting singing time!!

Temperature was consistently high this week as we led the discipleship class indoor.

Outdoor games for some fresh air!

And also ice-creams!

During the afternoon we made some visitations. Due to our schedule today was the only day we made visitations to the kids we saw in week 1! Our first stop was at a multi-level building 20-30min away from town.

The 2nd place we visited was also in the rural area. The girl we visited in the first place somehow manage to run (or hitch a ride) to catch up to us in the 2nd place!! We were pretty amaze how fast she got there, it was pretty far away (10-15min drive on rugged roads)!!

That night we were invited to Valera's home for a BBQ!!!!

It's the best BBQ in the world. Sickness did not stop me from this dinner.

We all had an amazing time fellowshipping with each other.

As we departed for home that night, one of our van ran out of fuel! No problem, we just tow each other off the mountain road to a gas station!!!!!