Day 14 Recap

Our last full day at HOM and our last day of camp!!

Closing prayer for the end of our camp...

We also had a show & tell for each of the skills workshop. First up, the Flight class present their planes and their theme verse!

... Drama class present their skits! See if you can guess which Bible story they are doing:

.... Then the soccer class show off their drills!

.... the skill of diving just for fun lol!

Group photo!


After the camp has ended, the team got to cooking for tonite's Chinese dinner! Led by our Iron Chef Pun!

Part of our team got to finish a few bracelets for some of the kids!

Dinner was ready just in time!!!!

Everyone was super excited for the meal!!

... Egg-Drop Soup was served first...

BBQ pork, curry, fried noodles was some of the dishes...

After dinner we presented a few gifts for the helpers and staff!

Vasya wondered why he had to translate for the translators lol!

We also pass out the gifts to the kids! And each kid in the soccer class received a jersey, thanks to a generous donor at our church!

Afterward HOM gave each of us a very personalized gift!! We were all very touched by their thoughtfulness and generosity.

But then, some of the helpers, translators, and kids came up to say a few words to us.... We were all holding our tears...

... But we can't hold it any longer...

As our time comes to an end we started our farewells, some of the kids we will see again in the morning but for a few it will be our last good bye...

We spend the rest of the evening writing in each of the kid's journal!!

It didn't end quite there, eventhough it was getting dark, we promised a Ukraine vs. Canada soccer match!!! And we gave them everything we've got, sick or not, we gave them 110%!!! We ended the match 12-2 for Ukraine. The best score ever from any previous Canadian team (Thanks to Colin (and little Vasya) !!!