Day 3: Today's lesson

Thank you Uncle Tomson for clarifying what was going on yesterday! You may or may not know by now, but our lessons focus on the life of David spread out over the camp's week, using him as an example to inspire our kids to be leaders and heroes in their own Roma communities.

Day 1 was going over how David was chosen to be king of Israel through the prophet Samuel, and how God's gifts to us help us become heroes.

Day 2 - which was where those pictures with no explanation were - was the duel between David and Goliath, telling us how heroes trust in God. (Bin looks like he's having so much fun, by the way, showing how David's sling struck down "Goliath"-Sasha)

Day 3, today's lesson, will focus on how David chose not to kill King Saul when David was fleeing for his life, and how heroes know what the right thing to do is because they listen to God's word.

Wow, it's almost 2 over here! That means carpentry for boys and knitting for girls is about to start! I'll best be leaving now, before I arrive late and have to do push ups!

Look forward to pictures and more logs tonight!