An Unforgettable Opportunity

In addition to our lessons on the life of David, we want to give the kids a chance to be leaders, so we've been training them for drama and music. The opportunity comes this week and next - the kids will be performing skits and worship music to each other, and then to their camps. And we hope that when we're done, they can do this without us guiding them, making them true leaders and heroes. Under the tutelage of Bin and Tomson, the groups have been making progress doing skits about the Prodigal Son parable and on the Passion of Christ. Uncle Tomson can tell you more about how they are doing so far.

With Aunty Lisa and I, we've been training the kids to be worship leaders. Retaining the theory (really, just principals of worship leadership) has been a bit harder than expected, but the practical aspects of actually singing and presenting music to others has been much easier. These guys have been surprising me with how quickly they get better with music - and how much energy and fun they have from worship. Rowdiness is more a feature than a disadvantage with them.

On a great side-note, thanks to our interpreters being our go-between with the kids and us, we've had the side effect of also training our interpreters into becoming great dramatists and worship leaders as well - complete without expecting or planning for it at all. To me, it's just another little way that God is moving in the short term mission He's assigned to us, producing more good than even we expected, and rewarding both his servants and those who receive his message incredibly.

...And now I have to go. I think the kids are running around in towels and little else after their evening shower. Discipline in the camp is great, but only after we talk to them about the "rrrrrrrrrrrules!"