Roma Camp...Is Almost Over?

A crazy fourth day. That's what I have so far off the top of my head. It's like the kids themselves have realized internally that everything is about to end, and they are putting everything into it. They're more talkative, rowdy, inquisitive, and sometimes even a bit more naughty. But they are also more energetic in worship and incredibly active in crafts and lessons - even more so than in previous days. In the end, our altar calls for confession after presentations and for re-commitment after campfire night was incredible.

Even as I pray for our fellow House of Mercy colleagues, my mind also comes back to our kids at the Roma Camp, and I feel the need to pray for them as well. May God keep their minds on love, and their hearts on His word. May God protect them from the aggression of others, and shield them from their own pride and the self-centered sinful nature that infects all mankind.

We are all ultimately equal in God's eyes, but some of us need His grace more often, and in larger quantities - especially when they themselves don't realize it. And so I pray, as yet another day ends.