Roma Camp - Our incredible translators and helpers....

In order to run the Roma camp, not only we need lots of prayers but also many translators and helpers to support the whole ministry. Thus, we like to salute all our helpers no translators from Ukraine. We could not do this without their dedications and inputs.

So...our Big thank you to Lera, Joshua, Andriana, Mark, Sasha and Joshua. They are the one who translates for us with the Roma teens. Without them, this Roma Camp will not be possible.

We thank God for their faithful ministry. By the way, Lera took the time to help us during her critical time of law school entrance exam. And Andriana had to spend her birthday in the Roma Camp instead spending time with her family. Joshua, a missionary pastor son from Korea, spent his time at Roma Camp and missed his sister, Esther's birthday. He is on fire for God and is one of the most mature spiritually 15 years old I met.

Of course, we are thankful for Mark and Sasha's multi talents. Sasha, our super power hero that can drag most of the firewood in one go up the hill all the way to the camp fire pit. He can carry three large pieces of luggage up the house of mercy stairs with ease, knit and be a handy man. Mark can sing, dance, translate, play guitar and knit.....They made our Camp so much more meaningful and fun.

We are truly grateful for all of them.

Picture time: Lera enjoying the card craft time Mark and Sasha both excel in their multi talents including knitting...... Mark and Sasha checking out the quality of the craft materials.... Andriana spent her special birthday with us in the Roma Camp. Joshua trying the guitar.....