Day of Worship

Today is a day of worship for the team and House of Mercy. We get up early and eat ready for breakfast. Then headed out to church for worship. Today is The Lord's supper. Thus, we had a chance to part take communion with out Ukrainian brothers a sisters.

After worship, we headed back to House of Mercy children centre to have lunch. Then team meeting and some relaxation and of course the tradition of a friendly football game. (In Ukraine and most parts of the world, we call this football)

Football is the most important sport in Ukraine. Basically, everyone plays football since they were kids like hockey in Canada. You can imagine the intensity of such a game among Ukraine children. Winning the game is important to some of the youth and even adult players.

We had a very busy game. It was good that we split the Canadian team into both side. Otherwise, we will have a tough time to catch up with them. At the end, we tied the game and went into sudden death penalty shoot out. But still tied the game. Thus, like what Vasya said at the end of the game.....friendship won.

My muscles are quite sore after the game. Tomorrow I will see how my muscle's situation. For me, I feel like I have more exercise in two weeks stay in Ukraine than the whole year in Canada. ;)

Tomorrow, we will be starting a busy day at both Roma day camp and visitation and also House of Mercy discipleship program. Both teams were busy preparing and getting ready for another busy week.....

Please continue to pray for us and our team work to keep up with the mission and program.

Some of us are quite tired physically. Thus, we really need your prayers to sustain us all. Here is quite summary for next week:

1. House of Mercy discipleship program for full week. 2. Roma day camp for Monday and Tuesday ( say around 150 to 200 children in total) 3. Visitation for both Roma and House of Mercy team 4. House of Mercy staff retreat for Wednesday and Thursday. 5. Mission team cooking dinner for everyone for Friday dinner. 6. Talent night on Friday. 7. Departure on Sat. to Budapest. Overnight stay in Budapest. 8. Early morning flight on August 11, 2013 Sunday morning from Budapest to Amsterdam to Calgary.